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Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics

Coping With the Unique Challenges of Kinship Care – is a series of video trainings for kinship caregivers, presented by Therapist, Trainer and Kinship Caregiver, Dr. Joseph Crumbley. 


Through the video series families will learn: 

  • How kinship care changes and affects family dynamics 
  • How these changes can result in challenges that may affect a caregiver’s ability to provide safety and permanence for the children in their care 
  • Approaches and strategies to cope with these challenges 


Safe Sleep

Please watch the video below to ensure that you are following the safe sleep guidelines that keep babies safe while sleeping.


Car Safety

This car safety video is not only informative but entertaining as well!



Child Proofing the Home

Below is a link to an excellent child safety video from MultiCare Health System that includes, child proofing the home, pool, window and door safety, as well how to avoid accidental poisoning, all while allowing your child to explore safely.


Visit the site below for information and tips to keep your kids safe at home, school and more!

Child Safety Guide: Tips to Keep Kids Safe at Home, School & Outdoors (samndan.com)



By definition, the kids we are caring for have experienced trauma by being removed from their home. Trauma, especially chronic trauma, impacts the way kids grow and develop. Gaining an understanding of how trauma might be affecting the children you care for is important. That understanding will help you to identify trauma- related behavior and respond in a way that will help the child. 


Understanding Trauma: Three Core Needs of Children Video Series 

Dr Howard Bath presents the first of three videos on the core needs of children and young people in care who have experienced trauma and adversity. In these videos, Howard explains the latest research. Howard highlights how these kids experience chronic stress and anxiety that impacts on their emotions and behavior as they are continually alert to the possibility of threat. These kids rely on caregivers to create an environment of emotional and culturally safety where their emotions and perceptions are acknowledged and respected. 


Part One: Feeling Safe 


Part Two: Healthy Connections 


Part Three: Adaptive Coping 


Visit https://robyngobbel.com/freeresources/ for more information, free podcast and workshops about trauma, behavior and attachment. 

Misc. Resources, Podcasts and More

Creating a Family has many resources to help you determine your options when considering Kinship Care. We also have resources to make the transition from the grandparent, aunt, or cousin to the parent easier for everyone.

Visit their website by clicking on this link:   https://creatingafamily.org/kinship-care/




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