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The Office of Healthy Aging (OHA) has awarded a project to The Village for RI Foster and Adoptive Families, in collaboration with The Heart Tree and Grands Flourish, to reach out to kinship families in RI, with a special emphasis on Kinship Caregivers ages 55 plus. The goal of the project is to connect Kinship Caregivers with available resources and supports both locally and nationally.  Statistics show that 14% of all youth in care in RI are in unsupported relative placements.  This project will provide Kinship Caregivers with information and resources to help them feel supported and connected as they navigate life during these sometimes-challenging times.  RI Kinship Community Connections was established as a result of this grant.


The Village was incorporated in March of 2016 as RI’s only foster and adoptive family founded and governed support organization. Today, The Village offers Peer Support for Kinship, Foster and Adoptive Families through monthly support groups, a community closet and family events.

We believe it takes a “village” to raise a child and no one should do it alone! For more information visit
RIVillage.org, email [email protected]g or call (401) 481-5483.

The Heart Tree is an organization for Hispanic Foster and Adoptive Parents. The purpose of the organization is to help Spanish speaking foster, adoptive and kinship families navigate the system by providing education, training, coaching and guidance through support groups, mentoring, translation, mediation and other resources. The Heart Tree’s mission it to create an alliance between Spanish speaking foster, adoptive and kinship families. For more information visit TheHeartTree.org, email [email protected] or call (401) 999-0770.

The Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging is RI’s designated state agency on healthy aging. The OHA empowers older Rhode Islanders (age 55+) and adults living with disabilities to age strong by advocating for laws, policies and investments that protect their rights. The OHA along with many partner agencies also connects you to information and resources in the community to help older Rhode Islanders live happy, healthy lives. Visit https://oha.ri.gov for more information.

“Being connected to others who understood exactly what I was going through made such a big difference in my foster care journey.  Just knowing that others “got it” and could relate meant alot.”


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